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America Corporation Powering Motion

The Power Company with the perfect solution and technology for all your automotive battery requirements.



Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries provide the best overall performance compared to flooded batteries : with features including.

  • Higher Charge Acceptance (+150%)
  • Spill-Proof and Leak-Proof
  • Greater Vibration Resistance
  • X-Frame® Grid Technology for Longer Life
Hankook AtlasBX – Automotive, AGM battery, AGM technology, new concept Absorbent Glass Mat technology, 4 times longer idling stop life cycle


Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries provide reliable starting power with innovations that extend service life including.

  • X-Frame® Grid Technology
  • High-Durability Technology for longer life
  • Complete line offering 99% application coverage
Hankook AtlasBX – Automotive, SMF battery, power support, X-Frame Technology, High Durability Plate Technology delivers longer service life

Marine & RV


Our complete line of marine/RV batteries power your fun with high starting power and extra reserve capacity when you need it.

  • AGM : For starting or powering accessories with a spill-proof design for added safety and performance
  • XDC : Extreme dual purpose for high starting and deep cycle demands
  • DC : Starting and deep cycle performance
  • XV : High starting power
Hankook AtlasBX – Leisure battery, AGM / XDC / DC / XV, RV-exclusive terminal design for convenient additional power connection



Known for their excellent starting power and durability, our line of commercial heavy duty batteries are the perfect solution for demanding commercial applications.

  • X-Frame® Plus Grid Technology
  • High Durability Technology
  • Advance Long-Life Control Technology
Hankook AtlasBX – Commercial battery, AGM / SMF, Truck · bus battery, Stable power supply with Advanced Long-Life Control Technology