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Brand Story

Discover the brand story of Hankook AtlasBX, a battery manufacturer challenging for the future.

Expert Battery Manufacturer
Hankook AtlasBX,
Reborn as a Global Top Maker

Hankook AtlasBX, a young company that is dynamically challenging today to create the future

Hankook AtlasBX is a battery manufacturer that has reinvented itself into a Global Top Maker that predicts the needs of customers one step ahead and leads the market forward.
Through continuous technological development and management innovation, we have strong pride in the field of storage batteries and have become a world leader in the industry.

Hankook AtlasBX – The Dynamic Logotype of ATLASBX is future-oriented. The logo is italicized to emphasize the dynamic value while bolded to show the powerful value of the company. BX is distinguished to further emphasize the dynamic value. Through the combination of ATLAS and BX, we will deliver a more variety of values to our customers. ATLAS symbolizes power and endurance as the god Atlas in Ancient Greek Mythology. It represents the batteries of ATLASBX that are as strong and durable as the Greek god Atlas. BX symbolizes the battery expert company/group.(Battery Expert Company / Battery Expert Group) The diagonal lines and slashes represent the young and progressive identify of the company

Logo Type

Here are logotypes of ATLASBX, a Hankook AtlasBX brand,
for different uses. The logotype is subject to strict
application for appropriate use.
Various logo guides for different types and media are provided
on Hankook AtlasBX website.

Learn more
Hankook Atlas BX – Company logo, Diversity Atlas Bx

Color System

Color yellow, representing energy, and color black, representing the dynamic value, deliver the powerfulness of ATLASBX brand.
The contrast of the colors yellow and black increases clarity, promoting a strong and sophisticated image.

  • AtlasBX Pantone 123C
    CMYK 1/29/83/0
    RGB 255/197/63
  • AtlasBX Black
    CMYK 100/100/100/100
    RGB 0/0/0
  • AtlasBX White
    CMYK 0/0/0/0
    RGB 255/255/255
  • AtlasBX Gray 11C
    CMYK 75/67/61/20
    RGB 77/79/83

Font System

  • Hankook AtlasBX – Font System KR
  • Hankook AtlasBX – Font System EN