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Brand Story

Discover the brand story of Hankook & Company, a battery manufacturer challenging for the future.

Battery Expert ATLASBX,
Reborn as a Global Top Maker

80 years of growth with customers

In the field of condensation through continuous technology development and management innovation. We pride ourselves on being a market pioneer

Hankook AtlasBX – The Dynamic Logotype of ATLASBX is future-oriented. The logo is italicized to emphasize the dynamic value while bolded to show the powerful value of the company. BX is distinguished to further emphasize the dynamic value. Through the combination of ATLAS and BX, we will deliver a more variety of values to our customers. ATLAS symbolizes power and endurance as the god Atlas in Ancient Greek Mythology. It represents the batteries of ATLASBX that are as strong and durable as the Greek god Atlas. BX symbolizes the battery expert company/group.(Battery Expert Company / Battery Expert Group) The diagonal lines and slashes represent the young and progressive identify of the company
  • 2022
    "2021 GENERAL MOTORS SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR AWARDS" Selection Awarded Grand Prize for "Representative Brand in Korea"
아트라스비엑스, AtlasBX 기업역사 – 2021년 한국아트라스비엑스 사명 변경
  • 2021
    Merger with Hankook & Company Co., Ltd.
    아트라스비엑스, AtlasBX 기업역사 – 2021년 한국앤컴퍼니로 흡수합병

    Hankook & Company began its journey as the first battery manufacturer in Korea, and now, we aim to continue our journey and take a global step to become an energy solution company.

  • 2020
    Completed Tennessee Plant
  • 2019
    Renamed to Hankook AtlasBX., Ltd.
아트라스비엑스, AtlasBX 기업역사 – 2021년 한국아트라스비엑스 사명 변경
한국아트라스비엑스, Hankook AtlasBX  기업역사 – 2009년 ~ 2018년 모터스포츠단 설립, 전주공장 증설, 두바이 사무소 개설, 미국법인 설립
  • 2018

    Awarded "USD 500 Million Export Prize" by Korean Government

  • 2017

    Awarded Grand Prize for "Representative Brand in Korea"

    Established an American Corporation

  • 2016

    Awarded "USD 400 Million Export Prize" by Korean Government

  • 2015

    Opened Dubai office

  • 2014

    Expanded the production capacity of Jeonju Plant

  • 2011

    Awarded "Enterprise with Best Labor Management Culture 2011"

  • 2010

    Awarded "Main Award" in 2010 Fortune’s the Test Companies in Korea

    Established ATLASBX MOTOR SPORTS Inc.

  • 2008

    Awarded "USD 300 Million Export Prize" by Korean government

    Developed "X-Frame" with Stamped Grid

  • 2005

    Launched the 1st AGM batteries for passenger cars in Korea

  • 2004

    Awarded 1st place in the Technological Innovation Part of 2004 Korea Productivity Award

    Renamed to ATLASBX Co.,Ltd.

  • 2003

    Received ISO/TS 16949 Certification

  • 2002

    Awared "KSA Authorized Excellence Product"

  • 2001

    Completed Jeonju Plant

  • 2000

    Recognized as "Excellent Manufacturing Plant in Korea" (Korea Management Association)

    Awarded the "World Best Award" (Korea Management Association)

Hankook AtlasBX - About Us, History, 2000~2008, World Best Award, Renamed ATLASBX Co., Ltd., Launched the 1st AGM Batteries for passenger cars in Korea
Hankook AtlasBX - About Us, History, 1945~1999, Developed the 1st “MF Battery” in Korea, World-wide first class commercialization enterprise designation
  • 1999

    Received QS 9000 Certification

  • 1998

    Received ISO 14001 Certification

  • 1994

    Received ISO 9001 Certification Listed on KOSDAQ

  • 1992

    Established R&D Center

    Designated as the Worldwide First Class Commercialization Enterprise

  • 1982

    Developed the 1st "MF Battery" in Korea

  • 1979

    Launched operation of Daejeon Plant

  • 1977

    Acquired by Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

  • 1952

    Renamed to Korea Storage Battery.,Ltd.

  • 1944
    Established as the ISAN., Ltd.

    Hankook AtlasBX began its journey in battery manufacturing facilities and battery reprocessing through hand-workmanship.

    Since the establishment of the company, we have established a clear business goal to develop storage batteries and to set a firm foot in the industry by manufacturing products with modern manufacturing technologies.

Hankook AtlasBX - About Us, History, 1944, Established as the ISAN., Ltd.


Dynamic Power ATLASBX

Provides advanced technologies as well as the best product and service around the world.

Passenger Car & Light Truck
Industrial Use
Battery Technology & HEV
Leisure(Vessel & RV)
Eco-friendly & UPS & ESS


Racing team sponsored by Hankook & Company!
Meet the ATLASBX motor sports team participating in various domestic and international
racing race

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