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Brand Story

Discover the brand story of Hankook AtlasBX, a battery manufacturer challenging for the future.

Expert Battery Manufacturer
Hankook AtlasBX,
Reborn as a Global Top Maker

Hankook AtlasBX, a young company that is dynamically challenging today to create the future

Hankook AtlasBX is a battery manufacturer that has reinvented itself into a Global Top Maker that predicts the needs of customers one step ahead and leads the market forward.
Through continuous technological development and management innovation, we have strong pride in the field of storage batteries and have become a world leader in the industry.

Hankook - BI of Hankook AtlasBX which appears future oriented vision is accomplished based on (from) bright future of customers & lifestyle. The BI which match up case-sensitive properly, accelerates readability side and expresses stable image. Inclined style of Handwriting gives a sense of speed, feeling of dynamic. Meanwhile, coarse Gothic style shows simple & monotonous and elegance. This Logo is symbol of flight & speed and wing. It expresses dynamic movement, exercise, activity. Orange color of the logo shows corporation images with bright & innovative high-technology. The logo of HANKOOK is brand. However,it just implies national mean(meaning) like(as if) ‘KOREA’ literally. HANKOOK brand contributes nation brand advertisement as Korea corporation not only informs its brand to worldwide. Black color is intellectual and it conveys high technical image.

Logo Type

Hankook is logo of the different (type) of categories.
It can use in line with media type & situation.
Hankook AtlasBX website offers various logo guides usable for type and media.

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Hankook – Company logo, Diversity Hankook

Color System

Orange (color)which is symbol mark represents one of main colors for BI
It (Orange) does not using for background color of the whole surface, shows harmony balance, Interesting dynamic as the point(main) color.

White color using the background color, especially covering for applied category.
It( White color) depicts full of bright world with various opportunity & creative idea and Innovative thinking.

The Orange & White with bright and Innovative color match can trigger progressive mind and
enterprising aspect being combined with fancy (elaborated )grey tone.

  • HK Pantone Orange 1655 C
    CMYK 0/70/100/0
    RGB 236/102/8
  • HK Pantone Black C
    CMYK 0/0/0/100
    RGB 0/0/0
  • HK Pantone White C
    CMYK 0/0/0/0
    RGB 255/255/255
  • HK Pantone Coolgray 7c
    CMYK 0/0/0/50
    RGB 154/155/156

Font System

Typography letter type plays the important role which can delivery consistent brand image.
It’s(Typography letter type) sensual line & curve represents pride of brand which leads on successful fulfill future.

  • Hankook AtlasBX – Font System KR
  • Hankook AtlasBX – Font System EN