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Commercial Vehicle

Hankook truck and bus battery provides satisfactory performance under
the specific conditions required by large trucks and buses as well as in other various equipment.


Hankook AGM is the perfect power solution and has
the right battery for modern commercial vehicles
in extreme conditions. It provides the highest cranking power,
extra reserve capacity and deep discharge cycling to provide
the highest power.

  • Maximize power & Heavy cycling service
  • Highest Vibration resistance
  • Extreme endurance
  • Absolutely spill and leakage proof

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Hankook AtlasBX – Commercial Vehicle Battery, AGM Battery, Absolutely spill and leakage proof
Hankook AtlasBX
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Product Spec Sheet
Gr No. Type No. Capacity (AH) CCA (SAE) Dimension (mm) Layout Terminal Hold-Down
BCI 31 AGM 31-800 90 800 332 172 210 231 1 A B0/B13
BCI 31 AGM 31-925 100 925 332 172 210 231 1 A B0
BCI - KR200 210 1200 519 269 203 224 4 A B0

The above data table is subject to change.